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Putting The Environment First

The aim of the ‘It’s Right To Repair’ website is to promote the link between repairing appliances and protecting our natural environment with the help of Paxanpax products.

Maddocks considers it part of its corporate and social responsibility to help make repairing appliances a much more sustainable option to disposal by keeping the prices of spare parts as low as possible. New European legislation initiatives have been introduced that demand that industry plays its part as well as consumers in preventing the further degradation of the environment.

“As a company we are totally committed to protecting our natural environment.”

William Maddocks

Managing Director

It is widely acknowledged and accepted that our current levels of living, consuming and producing are unsustainable and so we all must make an effort to think, live and act differently.

Our public information platform ‘It’s Right to Repair’ aims to promote this idea to the consumer and to provide the relevant information needed to make a positive change, with a public information site providing a firm base to help reduce the impact on our planet.

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