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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Our UK Head Office and our UK National Distribution Centre are located in Cardiff, South Wales. For our full address and directions please see the 'Contact Us' tab.

The UK National Distribution Centre is not open to any visitors. Any client wishing to meet with Maddocks personnel can do so by prior appointment. Suppliers may visit our buyers by prior appointment only. For directions to our premises, please see the Contact Us tab.

All visitors are advised to view our "Visiting Maddocks" page, containing important information to consider ahead of any potential visit to our Distribution Centre.

Our operating hours are between 8:00am and 5:00pm GMT, Monday to Friday.

H.T.Maddocks & Son (Whitchurch) Ltd is the appointed sole distributor of the European brand Europart within the UK. H.T. Maddocks & Son (Whitchurch) Ltd is specialised in the supply of spare parts for electric domestic appliances, while Ashcroft Agencies Ltd is specialised in the supply of commercial and industrial vacuum cleaning equipment, parts and accessories. Both divisions are now covered by H.T.Maddocks & Son (Whitchurch) Ltd. as Ashcroft Agencies Ltd was purchased by, and incorporated into, H.T.Maddocks & Son (Whitchurch) Ltd, and no longer trades separately. Maddocks is the trading name of H.T.Maddocks & Son (Whitchurch) Ltd.

Our VAT Registration Number is GB 615 691 040, and our Company Registration Number is 00595445. Our D&B DUNS® Number is 216916569.


Applications for affiliation are dealt with on an individual basis. We would welcome any such proposal in writing to our head office address.

All information, logos and images on our website is protected by copyright. We request you not to copy or take information or images..

Please email info@htmaddocks.co.uk with any problems or errors you have found while using our website. We will do our best to rectify any problems.

Parts & Ordering

You can browse by category or use the dedicated multi-functional search box to find a part.

If you know the Maddocks part number, simply enter it into the search box and you will be directed to the correct part. Otherwise you will need at least one of the following pieces of information to find a part.

  1. Manufacturer original part number
  2. Machine model number and brand
  3. Machine product code>
  4. Detailed part description

Without any of this information, it will be extremely difficult to find the part you're looking for. We do not accept machine serial numbers on the trade site. If you are trying to locate an Ametek motor you will need at least one of the following pieces of information.

  1. Motor number e.g. 116110-01
  2. Detailed specification description e.g. 3 Stage Tangential 5.7 inch, 240V, 1500W, complete with shell and tube

Yes. We sell a wide range of both genuine and compatible parts to suit all requirements.

"Temporarily Out of Stock" means that currently our stock level is zero, however more parts will be on order with our supplier. If you place an order for a part that displays this message, forthcoming stock will be allocated to orders on a first come, first served basis. This means that if you were the first customer to order the part after it went out of stock, you will be the first to be allocated stock when it arrives. Backorders for stock items will normally be dispatched with your next order.

'Special Order Item' means that we do not keep stock of the part on the shelf. Special order items are supplied on an ad hoc basis, meaning they are only placed on order with the supplier once we receive an order for them. We are unable to ascertain supplier stock levels until we place the part on order with them.

Please note, special order items cannot be returned or cancelled once ordered as they are immediately placed on order with the supplier. Special order items cannot be refunded unless damaged and reported in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of Trade.

Estimated time of arrival for special order items varies with supplier and part. Special order items can take anything between 48 hours and 6 months to arrive, and for special order Ametek motors will take between approximately 4 and 12 weeks. If you are in any doubt as to the expected lead time for a special order item, please contact us before you place the item on order.

If the supplier is out of stock, estimated time of arrival for the part may increase dramatically.

The 'Your Notes' text box allows you to enter your own information to appear on the delivery note which is included within your parcel or emailed to you. You can enter any text that you think will help you when your order is delivered but examples of information entered are your own part number, your own customers' order number/contact details and 'stock' or 'stk' for general stock items or 'Spec' for specific customer requests.

If the 'Sorry, we couldn’t find any products.' message is displayed while searching for a part it could mean one of the following -

  1. You have entered an incorrect or incomplete manufacturer original part number, machine model number and brand or machine product code. Please check you have entered the correct information.
  2. We do not currently have the part in our system, but does not necessarily mean we cannot supply it. If this is the case, you can contact us to enquire about the part.

If you have entered the correct information in the search or other parts for the same machine are listed but not the part you're looking for, and if you have at least one of the pieces of information required to find a part (see What information do I need to find a part?) please submit a Part Number Enquiry (PNE) and we will attempt to find it for you.

Yes. We have access to over 100,000 exploded diagrams for over 100 OEMs so if you are looking to identify a part please use the Pinpoint feature.

One of Maddocks' main aims is to deliver quality products at fair prices to all our customers. If you've seen an item elsewhere online, or have already been quoted at a better price then please contact us with our part number and your price and where else you've seen the product online, and their price. If possible include a link to the location of the part.

As we are a trade company, to protect our trade customers and their prices, in order to see your prices you must be logged in to the trade site.

For all orders placed on the htmaddocks.co.uk trade site, there is no minimum order value.

For all orders not placed on the htmaddocks.co.uk trade site (e.g. over the phone or by email) the minimum order value is £50.00 (before VAT and shipping).

In most cases it is not possible to add to the same order once it has been submitted. We are able to enter the part on a new order and send both orders on the same day but you may be subject to a separate carriage charge. If you would like to order additional parts please contact us as soon as possible after submitting the initial order.

Your orders are processed for picking and packing as soon as they are submitted. Please contact us as soon as possible to correct any mistakes but please note it is not always possible to do so.

Please contact us within one hour to cancel an order in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of Trade. If your order has already been processed and invoiced it is not possible to cancel as it may have already been dispatched from our National Distribution Centre.

Unless notified otherwise, all items that are in stock will be dispatched immediately provided your order is over our minimum order value.

Unless notified before you place the order, backordered special order items will be dispatched as soon as they arrive in our National Distribution Centre. Backordered stock items will be dispatched with your next main order.

No. Carriage will only be applied once to your order. Any subsequent backorders dispatched will be carriage free.

If you discover a problem with your order, items have arrived damaged or items are missing please contact us within 3 days of receipt in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of Trade.

Please contact us in all cases where you want to return an item in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of Trade.

Please contact us by phone or email if you have a question about, or an issue with, your order. Please ensure you have your order number, part number or exact date of order to hand. Without this information we won't be able to help you.

We can supply samples of any product. Please note samples are chargeable with postage and will be invoiced in the same way as a standard order. Samples can be returned in their original sellable condition for a credit (excluding return postage costs).

My Trade Account

The first step is to fill in and submit a new account application form found by click here. A member of our new accounts department will contact you once we have processed your application.

Most of our customers operate a credit/debit card 'pay-as-you-go' account, however we do have a 30 day credit account facility which you can apply for. If you would like to apply for a 30 day credit account please select 'Nett 30 day credit account' when filling out your new account application form sent to you by our new accounts department.

Please note - Applications are dealt with on an individual basis and we are under no obligation to approve a 30 day credit account. We also reserve the right to withdraw 30 day credit accounts for continual late payments.

If you already have a trade account please contact the Sales Department. If you wish to apply for an account please click here.

If you have forgotten your password please follow the steps below.

Click on 'Login' link on the top right of the page and click 'Forgot password?' button. You will be taken to a page where you are required to input your email address assigned to your Maddocks Trade Account. If the email is recognised, you will be sent further instructions to reset your password.

You can change your password from the one given to you when you opened your account or applied for a new password to one of your choice. Please follow the steps below to change your password.

  1. Click on 'Log In | Register' and enter your email address and the password given to you when you opened your account or the one supplied when you applied for a new password
  2. Once logged in click on the Welcome *Your Company Name* button, then click Update Your Password under Settings
  3. Enter your current password, a new password, then re-type your new password
  4. Click Update

For new trade customers, as soon as you apply for an account and our new accounts manager has contacted you, you will be able to access the product range. Our new accounts manager will provide you with your login details and instructions on how to log in via email.

For current trade customers, please log in using your email address and password. You will then be able to search or browse the entire product range and have access to your prices and account. If you are having trouble accessing the product range please see 'Why can't I access the product range?'.

Your access may have expired. In order to maintain access to our product range, you must place an order at least once every eight months. Every time you place an order an eight month timer will reset and your access will remain valid. If after eight months no order has been placed, your access will expire and you will have to apply for temporary access. If you have any issues regarding your access or need to apply for temporary access please contact us.

If you need to update your billing or shipping addresses, trading name, contact name, phone number, email address or credit card information, you can do this online in the My Account section of the trade site.

  1. Once logged in click on the Welcome *Your Company Name* button, then click Profile Information
  2. Select the correct option from the menu on the left hand side of the screen
  3. Once you’ve updated your information, click Update

Our customers' price levels depend on the amount of business they transact annually with us - the more you spend, the lower your prices. Your own prices are shown online. If you are not satisfied with your price level please contact your account manager or our sales department. If you have a special volume requirement, we are always pleased to quote low nett prices for bulk quantities.


The majority of our customers operate a pay-as-you-go credit/debit account. It is the easiest and quickest way to order from us. We offer a 30 day credit account to customers who apply for it (see How do I apply for a credit account?).

You can pay for orders in the following ways –

For pay-as-you-go credit/debit accounts you can pay by

  1. Credit card
  2. Debit card
  3. PayPal
  4. Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  5. BACS payment

For 30 day credit accounts you can pay by

  1. Credit card
  2. Debit card
  3. Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  4. BACS payment

For payment information please contact our accounts department.

When placing an order online and you have a pay-as-you-go credit/debit account, please select the 'Credit Card' option and enter your credit/debit card details. If you have a 30 day credit account please select the 'Invoice' option.

If you have a 30 day credit account please only select 'Invoice'. It is not possible to pay by credit/debit card if you have a 30 day credit account (see Can credit/debit cards be used to clear 30 day accounts?).

You will normally receive your invoice for an order by e-mail.

You will normally receive your monthly statement from us by e-mail. Please note - monthly statements are only applicable for customers with 30 day accounts.

Please contact us if you need a copy of an invoice. We can send it to you by e-mail or by post. Please ensure you have the invoice, sales order or delivery note reference number available when contacting us.

Yes. If you have a 30 day account, you can pay an invoice by cheque, electronic funds transfer (EFT), BACS payment or credit/debit card. If paying by credit/debit card this must be done by phone. Please contact our accounts department for other payment details.

Under ISO 9001 regulations we are unable to store your credit/debit card details. We are therefore required to take payment online via a Pay-By-Link checkout page when you place an order by purchase order or over the phone. It is not applicable if you place your orders online. For more information about storage of credit/debit card details please contact our accounts department.

When you place an order on our website and enter your card details, an authorisation for the full amount of the order is taken, which enables us to take up to the full value of the order. No payment is taken at this point, and the authorisation lasts for 28 days. This may show as a pending payment with your bank.

Once your order has been picked and packed by our warehouse team, the payment is then processed through our system – it is at this point that the money is actually taken from your account, using the authorisation that was created at the time of placing the order. If the complete order is in stock and dispatched to you, the full amount of the authorisation will be captured, and this is the end of the transaction.

If some (or all) of the items are not in stock, only items that are being dispatched will be charged to your card. Any remaining amount will remain authorised for 28 days. If any further items are dispatched during the 28-day period, we will be able to charge your card for these using the authorisation that was created at the time of placing the order.

We are unable to charge your card if any items are dispatched more than 28 days after placing the order. Therefore, if there are any items still waiting to be dispatched after 28 days, at this point we will use the original authorisation to capture the remaining amount.

If a Pay-By-Link payment process has not been completed, your order will not be dispatched. Please be aware of this when contacting us about an order that hasn't been dispatched and you are a pay-as-you-go customer.


We offer several delivery services. Which delivery service we use to send your orders can be determined by different factors. If you select the delivery service when you submit your order via the website, that is the service we will use to send your order. If your order is submitted by purchase order or over the phone, we will determine the most suitable method of delivery based on the size, value and destination of your order.

The main methods of delivery are listed below.

  1. Royal Mail 1st Class Post
  2. DX Next Day Delivery
  3. Pallet Service

If your order is over the carriage-free threshold, it will normally be sent by DX Next Day Delivery courier service.

For courier services we do offer a DPD standard next day, DX Next Day before 13:00, DX Next Day before 10:00 and a DX Saturday or DPD Sunday courier service for an additional charge.

For information about delivery charges click here.

At present, all customer collections are currently suspended. Access to Maddocks’ premises is by prior appointment only.

We offer guaranteed same-day dispatch for orders received before our cut-off time of 4pm.

For customers seeking delivery by Royal Mail, the cut-off time is 3.30pm

The length of time your order will take to arrive depends on the method of shipping and the dispatch day.

a) For Royal Mail 1st Class parcels, in our experience, delivery time is anything from one to four days.
b) For parcels sent by courier to the UK mainland, delivery is made the next working day
c) For orders sent by our pallet service to the UK mainland, delivery time is between one and two working days

For shipping destinations outside the UK or remote areas, highlands and islands or Northern Ireland please contact us for estimated delivery times.

Yes we can. We do this on a daily basis and it helps our customers cut down on their handling time and carriage costs. Select Direct Delivery during checkout to send the order directly to your customer without Maddocks tape or paperwork. Please contact us if you need help with direct delivery.

Yes we can. For a full list of countries we can deliver to please see the 'International' tab.

If your order has been sent by Royal Mail, and they have left a card please follow the instructions on the card, we are unable to contact Royal Mail as orders are not tracked.

If your order has been sent by courier and they were unable to deliver, please follow the instructions on the card left by the driver. If we have a valid e-mail address or mobile phone number you will receive an e-mail and text giving you an hour slot when your parcel will be delivered. Please ensure somebody is at the address to sign for the parcel during this slot. Please contact us for any other issues with our courier delivery service.

If your order has been sent by Royal Mail 1st Class we are unable to track the delivery. If your order has been sent by courier or on our pallet service we can obtain and e-mail you proof of delivery. If you want to obtain proof of delivery please contact us with your sales order reference number.

Click here to go to our tracking page. You will need your parcel reference number/pallet shipment consignment number which can be found on your order fulfilment or invoice. If you do not get any results from your search, it may be an incorrect reference number or a different carrier has been used. If you don’t get any results please contact us for further information.

Export & Supply

All deliveries should be made to our UK National Distribution Centre. Deliveries should be made between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Please send details of your services to our Purchasing Department.

We can deliver to over 140 countries worldwide. For a full list of countries please see the 'International' page.

Please send details of your services to our Buying & Logistics Manager.

Terms & Conditions

To view our Terms & Conditions click here.

To view our Terms of Website Use click here.

To view our Website Acceptable Use Policy click here.

Privacy & Cookies

For information about the details we store about you please see our Cookie Policy.

No. We do not obtain any information which is sellable so we don't have any information to sell.

For more information please see our Cookie Policy.


The UK-EU Brexit transition period ended on 31st December 2020 and it is essential that our EU customers are prepared for the changes from 2021 onwards to ensure trading together continues smoothly and uninterrupted. You can find more country-specific information here.

Maddocks’ EORI numbers are GB615691040000 and XI615691040000

Yes, please send it to us via email to sales@htmaddocks.co.uk as we will need to give this information to the carrier who is delivering your order.

At the end of the Brexit transition period on 31st December 2020 the United Kingdom left the EU customs union. From that point on, all goods crossing the UK-EU border require customs clearance. An EORI number is required for customs clearance. If your company already trades outside the EU, then it is likely you already have an EORI number. If not, you will need to apply for one which should be free, easy, and quick to obtain from your government.

If using Maddocks’ carrier, we will ship under DAP terms (Incoterms 2020). This means that Maddocks will arrange the transport and be responsible for the goods until they are delivered to your EU premises, and we will pay for the UK export customs clearance costs. You will be responsible for meeting the cost of any EU import duties and customs charges due, which will be payable prior to delivery.

If you wish to transport the goods with your own carrier, Maddocks can ship on FCA terms (Incoterms 2020) from our premises. This means that Maddocks will pay for the UK export customs clearance costs. You will be responsible for meeting the costs of any EU import duties and customs due, as well as arranging the transport. Maddocks does not currently permit parcel shipments to the EU using your own carrier.