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Maddocks Exclusive Brand

Paxanpax is the brand name for a range of high-quality, affordable spare parts and accessories for domestic appliances. The Paxanpax brand offers an easy to distinguish colour-coded retail solution for the following product areas; Floorcare, Cooking, Laundry & Dishwasher, Refrigeration, Small Appliances, Cleaning and Consumables, Lawn & Garden, Service Equipment and Commerical.

The Paxanpax brand offers wholesalers, retailers and resellers a cost-effective solution when offering a range of non-original spare parts, as well as universal appliance accessories.

High Quality, Affordable Spare Parts and Accessories For Domestic Appliances

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As standard, each Paxanpax product features the following:

  • Multi-language packaging
  • EPOS ready barcoding
  • Clear part numbering
  • Attractive and eye-catching retail design

Each month new Paxanpax products are added to the ever-growing range to support it’s promotion and growth.

View the full range of Paxanpax products on the Maddocks Tradesite or visit www.paxanpax.com for more information.

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